Below are some selected programs that may be of interest.  Most of the programs below are written in Labview 8.2 and the executable and the source code are provided.  To run the executable you will need the Labview Run-Time Engine which you can obtain free of charge from the National Instruments web site.
The latest version of Savuka is here.

ILV cluster program can be accessed at ILV cluster program 

 Savuka     A general purpose global analysis and data fitting program
Maximum entropy program for performing Laplace inversion of time-resolved fluorescence data.
 An FCS version of the MEM routine written in LabView 8.2
 Online titration    
An interface to the Hamilton Microlab 500 series dual syringe titrator to perform automated titrations.  This Labview program will synchronize with the data acquisition program, typically over the network.  Needs just a free USB or series port on a laptop.
 Autosampler Labview program for running a generic home-built autosampler that uses a Hamilton syringe pump and Zaber stepper motors.
 Continuous-flow data processor
Program for processing continuous-flow TCSPC data.  Many averaging and correction procedures are automatic.  One click SVD analysis of data, too.
 trFRET simulator    
 Simulates time-resolved FRET data
 Forster distance calculator
 This will calculate the Ro, the Forster distance, using the absorbance spectrum of the donor and emission spectrum of the acceptor.
 MEM anisotropy
MEM analysis of time-resolved anisotropy data.  Test data is included.
 ureaconCalculates the urea, guanidine HCl or TMAO concentration from index of refraction readings.
 Verdi logger
 Logs the Verdi power supply diode currents, laser power, LBO and baseplate temperature.
 Newport power logger
Logs the power readings from the Newport 1835-C power meter.
 IRF deconvolution    
 Deconvolutes the instrument response from a time-resolved fluorescence decay
 Chevron simulator    
 Simulates a chevron plot and equilibrium unfolding transitions for arbitrary unimolecular kinetic mechanisms.
 kappa-squared-calculator Calculates the effect of various values of kappa-squared on the FRET efficiency
 SAXS flow-rate calculator   
 Calculates the beam exposure for various flow rates inside a cylindrical capillary tubing
 helix-coil zipper model
 Simulates helix-coil zipper model for user settable input parameters
 Hamilton sample maker
 Makes samples for a titration using the Hamilton Microlab 500 series dual syringe titrator.  Very handy if you need to perform an equilibrium unfolding titration with denaturants.
 Program for controlling the Harvard syringe pumps and the Zaber motors for use as a master controller in a continuous-flow SAXS experiment.  This is experimental and the latest version (which I spent *hours* working seems to have gotten corrupted - thanks LabVIEW!!!)  The version "02" is a somewhat working version.
 RS232 communication    
 A simple program to send RS232 commands.